Iga Warta offers a unique opportunity for visitors to experience Adnyamathanha, Aboriginal culture, living, sharing and learning in an Aboriginal community setting.

Iga Warta means place of the native orange tree in Yura Ngawarla, the language of the
Adnyamathanha people, the traditional owners of the area.

Iga Warta is set amongst the magnificent mountains in the Northern Flinders Ranges.
It is owned, managed and staffed totally by Aboriginal people.

Our father, Clem Coulthard, had a vision and always talked about tourism as the way of the future. He passed away four years before we set up Iga Warta but his spirit haunted us to do it.

Here, we provide an opportunity for other people to come and experience our ways and break down the barriers between white and black. We are also keeping our culture alive by showing people and letting them be a part of it and passing it on to the next generations.

The cultural tourism centre at Iga Warta is set in the natural environment. We interpret the land through the Adnyamathanha culture and use the mountains, plants, animals and painting sites to share our ancient but vibrant culture.

We have people stay as part of the community so they can immerse themselves in the Aboriginal lifestyle and culture. We teach them, by experience how our living culture is as relevant today as it was before non-Aboriginal people arrived.

We offer a range of tours and activities to suit all visitors but they all feature Adnyamathanha culture and the rules for living from the Muda (Dreaming).

The natural environment is vital to Adnyamathanha culture and therefore, visitors stay in swags, in tents so they are not cut off from the environment but are aware of their surroundings, it's beauty and its harshness.

We take our visitors not so much on tours but cultural journeys to learn about our people, our culture, the contact history and our lives today as Aboriginal people in the 21st century.

Our journeys include:

Malkii tour
Visit a painting site that has been dated to be 35,000 years old and can still be interpreted through the oral history of our people that has been handed down generation to generation.

Cost $75 per person
Cliff Coulthard at Malkii
Ochre Pit
Visit the ochre pits and learn about the importance of the ochre, its uses and the significance of the different colours.

Cost $75 per person

Nguthunanga mai ambatanha (Damper Hill)
Visit a women's site with one of the Adnyamathanha women and learn about traditional as well as contemporary issues from a women's perspective including the moiety system.

Cost $75 per person

Contact History tour
Visit sites and listen to what has happened to our people since non-Aboriginal people came to our country and learn about issues including the Missions, pastoralists, rations and the changes to our people's lifestyles.

Cost $84 per person

Red Gorge Tour
The Red Gorge journey takes visitors to an ancient engraving site that is over 80,000 years old. Listen to the interpretation of this ancient art and begin to understand the importance of this site. Enjoy lunch cooked over an open fire, topped off with billy tea. Cost $138 per person

Overnight camping tours
Camp out in the bush with Adnyamathanha people to learn about the culture and the stars and to see both the sunset and sunrise over Lake Frome or the Gammon Ranges. These camps can be offered as women's camps, men's camps or mixed and the cultural content is then offered in a gender specific way.

Costs start at $138 per person

Artefact making
Visitors have the opportunity to try their hand in the ancient art of artefact making. They can make a boomerang or clapping sticks, which they can then take home with them. Visitors find this a very therapeutic past time and many spend hours making their special souvenirs.

Costs start at $28 per person

Plant Tour
This tour teaches the visitor about traditional plant use in terms of food and medicine and they have the opportunity to taste foods in season. Over 30 plants are interpreted in this tour.

Cost $52 per person

Campfire at Iga Warta

Our campfire experiences include story telling, singing and the sharing of Adnyamathanha culture, as well as supper of damper (cooked in the fire in the traditional Adnyamathanha way), with urti (quandong) jam and billy tea.

Cost $25 per person

Hunting tours
These tours are offered under strict supervision with licenced staff. These tours are important, as they teach the visitor the importance of respecting the land, killing the urdlu or warratji (kangaroo and emu) in a humane way and only killing what is needed for food.


Mai (food)
We offer the visitor a unique culinary experience with the use of our traditional bush tucker prepared and cooked in the traditional ways and also a multicultural mix with kangaroo lasagne or meatloaf a specialty. We have won the Gourmet Traveller 2002 Jaguar Award for Excellence in Gastronomic Travel.

"This award recognises the wealth of knowledge passed on to us by our mother, she was an excellent cook and with 11 children in the family we all had to help her. She spent many hours teaching each of us girls to cook and we now use that knowledge base as our foundations for the food we offer our visitor today." Josephine Coulthard

Costs shown are subject to change without notice. Minimum numbers also apply please contact us for bookings and quotes.

We are proud to be able to state that:
Iga Warta is 100% Aboriginal owned and managed.

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